March 3, 2009

Recording a New Worship Album!!!

yes, yes, yes... I'm in woodland park, Colorado recording a worship album with my good friend Aaron Strumpel. He was the featured songwriter on the Enter The Worship Circle: Chair and Microphone 2 and the most recent ETWC: Fourth Circle. I am honored to be working with such a brilliant mind and soul. (his new album "elephants" just won a huge contest check it out Aaron Strumpel) Aaron has thoroughly impressed me and has really thrown himself into my project. This whole recording process has come out of no where for me. In January Sarah and I came out to Colorado for an artist retreat with the Worship Circle Community. After the retreat I spent a morning with Aaron doing a little songwriting intensive. I wanted him to critique my songs, but he ended up inviting me back out to his place to record a full length worship record. To make a long story short, at the time I had no money... and today less than a month later, I'm sitting in Woodland Park with 4 days of recording under my belt. So to let you in on the where this record is coming from i'll give a little background... Within the last year i've been in a season of writing songs that are focused on being simple and accessible to the most vulnerable of society, songs for the poor and oppressed, not about them. My dream for this record is for it to be full of anthems that broken and dependant people can sing, scream, ponder, or soak in. And what I've found is that these songs that are specifically written for those on the fringes of society, they hit home with Followers of Christ across the board. These songs can take us all deeper, no matter where we're at in life. Throughout this recording there's also what I call a "practical worship" flare that settles within almost every song. This is my favorite aspect of the record. What i'm doing is exploring what happens when we start communicating the very practical teachings of Christ through music and worship. It's place that i've longed to go in my spiritual life and I'm hoping this collection of songs can be a tool for guiding us all into a place of worshiping practically in action and song... So keep your eyes and ears open for the release date. It will probably released digitally first and then hard copies will arrive in late april early may. In the mean time, i'll be doing house concerts and worship gatherings with this material and i'd love to come and visit you wherever you are and worship with you and your friends. So let me know if you'd like to host a worship gathering in you home or some other venue, it'll be a blast... I'm glad you've read this and I hope your excited, Eric and Sarah Kilgore

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Joel Spencer said...

Updates! Yeeeeea!

May Heaven open and the LORD Himself speak His words into all of your endeavors as you're out in CO.